Who is Melissa?

How to Create a Sales Experience that Doesn't Suck

Your sales people are often the first people with whom a prospective customer interacts. This webinar will cover how to design a sales experience that is geared towards building customers for life. 

Our Vision

Tool or Fool: Why Sales Technology is NOT a magic bullet

There are SO MANY sales technologies out there, all claiming to solve the sales productivity challenge; but putting a piece of technology in place is only part of the solution. This podcast covers the pitfalls of putting in a tool without the context of the sales experience.


Elevating your Sales Enablement Function

Watch Melissa discuss how to raise the profile of Sales Enablement within your organization. Also: CATS!

Sales Enablement Strategy: Q&A

Listen to this podcast where Sales Pipeline Radio and Melissa chat about Sales Enablement strategies. 

Some thoughts...

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Imagine a world where instead of being viewed as a sleazy interruption, salespeople are viewed as a valuable resource to the customer. We aim to provide sales organizations with the process, tools and training to provide an exceptional customer experience.

I have spent the past 20 years in sales, customer experience, and developing corporate frameworks to make sales and customer success teams more effective. I was one of the first people to pioneer the “sales enablement” role within an enterprise corporate structure, and I love seeing teams grow personally and professionally by leveraging the training and coaching I provide. I've produced over 20 Sales Kick Offs and 50 Quarterly Business Review meetings, built world-class sales onboarding programs and created training academies for several SaaS companies.

I also really, really love cats.

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